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Do you want to have your scientific thesis printed quickly and well?


Save time and money when printing and binding your work. Here are our special prices:




0,15 €

0,45 €




4,50 €

9,00 €

For example:

A bachelor thesis printed and bound with 75 b / w and 5 color pages costs per piece:

75 pages b / w x      € 0.15

+ 5 color pages x      € 0.45

+ Thermal binding    € 4.50 =

Price: € 18.00 per piece including VAT.

Digital data carriers also on request:

  • CD burning                         € 3.50
  • USB stick with your work € 5.50
Print and bind your bachelor thesis
quickly with HH-MBE in Hamburg
Bachelorarbeit binden lassen & Masterarbeit drucken

Print bachelor thesis Hamburg - bind homework - Get your master thesis bound

Your scientific thesis is finished and just needs to be quickly printed and bound? Then HH-MBE.de will help you! Save time and give us a call. We regularly print and bind:

  • Homework
  • Seminar papers

  • Finalthesis
  • Technical work

  • Bachelor theses

  • Masterthesis

  • Dissertations

Bachelorarbeit drucken Hamburg Bachelorarbeiten binden lassen

Binding homework / bachelor / master thesis & final thesis print Hamburg

In our copy shop, we prefer to work on specialist papers, bachelor theses, dissertations and other scientific papers. We have adapted our printing service to the needs of students with their term papers and theses. We print and bind the product bachelor thesis by far the most frequently in our printing service. It is followed by master's theses and dissertations.

Do you have time pressure and want to get your thesis or bachelor thesis tied up quickly? Print and bind your master's thesis in one hour? We can do it for you! With our service you will receive your work immediately printed by us. It is best to call beforehand.

Our motto: send - print - bind - done.

Lack of time?

If you are running out of time, please give us a call and email us your file in PDF data format. We will then preferably print your bachelor thesis or master thesis as express print. As soon as the data is received, your thesis will be printed immediately and we will bind the bachelor theses immediately. It's easy for our customers and you save time!

Our quality standards

When selecting the materials for studies or theses, we only use professional material. Your elaboration will be printed on high quality paper, our recommendation is 100g / m2 paper with top quality. Especially with double-sided printing of z. B. a dissertation, the typeface does not shine through. We print scientific work on a modern Konica Minolta production machine, so that a consistently excellent typeface is achieved in very good quality and graphics are displayed optimally.

We print bachelor theses with 2 sets per sheet. In the final processing, we cut your work so that it has an evenly good appearance after binding. We bind the printed products with high-quality machines and materials for your success. For all scientific work z. B. when doing housework, pockets for CDs can be glued in if you wish. We are happy to burn your work on a CD or save it on a USB stick.

When creating your thesis, you have various options to choose from; you can individually select the paper, the envelope and the type of binding for your scientific work.

How does the production work?

  • Send us the print data of your thesis by email to Info@hh-mbe.de. Please write to us:
    • the number of copies required,
    • single-sided or double-sided printing
    • the type of bond and the
    • desired date.
  • We will then inform you immediately of the earliest time your work can be picked up or brought.
  • Then pick up your work directly from us. You have your print in your hands immediately and can convince yourself of our quality.
  • As an alternative, we will send you your work by parcel service, we also offer an express service for the next working day.
  • Would you like us to deliver directly to your home? This is possible in our delivery areas for a low price.
Technical thesis / bachelor thesis / master thesis print
Facharbeit binden lassen

Print bachelor thesis Hamburg - delivery service

What should you watch out for in the print file of your thesis?

Before you forward the file to us, check whether the university's requirements have been met. Then create the PDF file for printing. There may be deviations from the template during the conversion. After generating the PDF file of your bachelor thesis, we advise you to check the layout and the colors. Please pay particular attention to the position of tables, images and page numbers as well as the colors of images and texts. Pictures should be 300dpi so that we can print them razor sharp.

In the case of double-sided printing (e.g. for papers with a large number of pages such as a dissertation), the page numbers should be placed in the middle. The better the quality of the print data, the better the result. You are welcome to entrust our layout service with the test, please contact us.

ATTENTION: We have no control over the file and cannot make any changes or check the   spelling!

Please let us know the type of binding and paper thickness specified for your bachelor thesis print. As a standard we use acid-free 100 g/m2 from Mondy Color Copy. The paper is characterized by its pleasant feel, high opacity, long durability and environmentally friendly production. This material is well suited for diploma theses, bachelor and master theses and dissertations. 

Print master thesis Hamburg or bind bachelor theses? With quality from HH-MBE

Professionally print and bind your thesis in Hamburg

You send your finished work as a file in PDF format and we will discuss how you can use your scientific work, e.g. want to bind a technical paper or a term paper and how often it should be printed. Your thesis, bachelor thesis or master thesis will then be printed and bound. With this you achieve the big IMPRESSION!

Housework quickly tied with the spiral binding

Masterthesis drucken & Spiralbindung

Spiral bindings are ideal in various strengths for scripts, handouts, documentation, presentations, to bind a term paper, or to bind another scientific paper. We bind for you on the same day. Choose between a plastic and a Dracht spiral binding

Price: e.g. Spiral binding DIN A4 6mm from € 2.10 per piece Incl. MwSt.

Bachelor thesis bind in hardcover

Drucken & Bindung in Hamburg

Have your master's thesis bound with a high-quality hardcover fastback binding, the resilient high-quality binding. Available in blue, black and wine-red and in thicknesses for different page numbers. Also ideal to use for a dissertation.

Price: A4 from € 9.50 per piece Incl. MwSt.

Abschlussarbeiten Hardcover Bindung

Print your thesis as a modern hardcover, bind bachelor theses, master theses and dissertations and design them individually? Or now have your bachelor thesis bound in a high quality? Show who the work is from! Label your hardcover - we have the right ideas. Call us in Hamburg!

Price from: Lettering DIN A4 from € 6.50 per piece Incl. MwSt.

Easily bind your master's thesis with the thermal binding

Bachelorarbeit binden mit Hardcover

Thermal bindings / adhesive binding in cover with cardboard back. Available for you in different colors of the cover with transparent cover. Print and bind your bachelor thesis cheaply with the thermal binding.

Price: Binding up to 100 p. € 4.50 each Incl. MwSt.

Bachelor thesis binding inexpensive with the perfect binding

The quick bachelor thesis binding is the thermal binding / adhesive binding. We bind term papers, theses, specialist theses and bachelor theses in different thicknesses and colors and high-quality transparent lids for you.

We print and bind your theses directly on site


We print and bind final theses, specialist theses, bachelor theses, master theses & diploma theses upon receipt of the data in our copy shop by 4 p.m. on the same day.


040 60 78 00 33

Print bachelor thesis Hamburg - print master thesis Hamburg? Tie up housework? - Only with www.HH-MBE.de

Abschlussarbeiten drucken mit MBE

Bachelor thesis Master thesis Technical theses Final theses Term papers print and bind - Hamburg binding

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